Livi Zheng Features Balinese Gamelan in Her New Movie

id Livi Zheng, Features Balinese Gamelan, in Her New Movie

Livi Zheng Features Balinese Gamelan in Her New Movie

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Surabaya, E Java, (Antara) - Livi Zheng, Indonesian director who has a career in the United States, promotes Bali through a show of her movie teaser on the sidelines of Southeast Asia Prix Jeunesse in Manila.

"I am grateful that my work receives such appreciation and has an opportunity to be aired," the 28 year old-director told Antara through an electronic message, here, on Sunday.

The teaser of "Bali: Beats of Paradise" was screened during the film festival and broadcast by 12 television stations.

In the new film that will be released in the US in 2018, she specifically chooses Balinese traditional music instrument "gamelan" and dances as a strong cultural element of Balinese society.

The 90 minutes-film tells a story of a Balinese gamelan master and dancer, Nyoman Wenten and Nanik Wenten, who live in the US. The wife, Nanik, successfully created choreography for Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin, in addition to many awards she has received.

The fame of this Wenten couple, Zheng said, is no doubt. The husband, Nyoman, has been playing gamelan in some countries and became an art lecturer at a number of top American art centers such as Disney Hall and Lincoln Center as well as in South America and Asia.

To promote the movie which is sponsored by Indonesian Consulate General in Los Angeles, Zheng has invited Balinese jazz guitar player Balawan to a concert in LA and staged the Cenk Blonk puppet show in Bali.

Zheng, who has been working with Hollywood players, is impressed by the enthusiasm of young Filipinos who want to know and have a strong desire in the cinema.

In fact, a member of the Board Committee of Southeast Asia Prix Jeunesse representing Indonesia, Jonathan S. Tlau, praised Zheng as an inspiration and model for young people who want to realize the idea of bringing change through the film.

"Livi always takes time on the sidelines of her busy work to do public lectures, seminars and workshops like this one done in Manila. It is so meaningful for the young generation," he said.

In the middle of this week, Zheng will be back home to Indonesia to attend a youth event with President Joko Widodo as well as Youth and Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi.(*)
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