Japan Explores Cooperation with Indonesia in Sea Infrastructure Development

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Japan Explores Cooperation with Indonesia in Sea Infrastructure Development

DOkumentasi - Suasana aktivitas bongkar muat peti kemas di Dermaga Terminal Laut Teluk Lamong, Tanjung Perak, Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Selasa (8/5). (Antara Jatim/Umarul Faruq)

Surabaya, E Java (Antaranews Jatim) - The Japanese government is exploring cooperation in the development of marine transportation infrastructure in Indonesia, one of which is apparent from a visit to the Teluk Lamong Terminal in Surabaya, East Java.

"We hope this meeting would result in the development of effective and efficient infrastructure and improvement in bilateral relations between the Governments of Japan and Indonesia," Deputy Minister of International Affairs, Ministry of Land, Transportation, Infrastructure and Tourism Yasuhiro Shinohara informed reporters in Surabaya on Wednesday.

Teluk Lamong Surabaya Terminal was part of a series of visits of the representatives of the deputy minister of transportation along with representatives from the Government of Indonesia that met at the JW Marriot Hotel, Surabaya, on Nov 27.

He revealed that the meeting explored the potential of cooperation not only in the field of sea transportation infrastructure but also air, land, and railways.

Shinohara cited an example of cooperation in the construction of air infrastructure wherein his party had cooperated with PT Angkasa Pura I and II.

He further explained that the Japanese government also expressed development concerns following natural disasters, especially the tsunami and earthquake in Indonesia.

Shinohara assessed that Japan and Indonesia geographically had the same nature and potential for natural disasters.

"To tackle the problem of natural disasters, the Governments of Japan and Indonesia will hold further discussions related to the provision of assistance in the form of infrastructure improvements, especially in the field of transportation," he noted.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Transportation Djoko Sasono stressed that the deputy minister of transportation`s meeting with the Governments of Indonesia and Japan had been held regularly every year.

"This time, the meeting of the deputy ministers of transportation is the ninth of its kind. Until now, various jobs have been well-realized, especially the involvement of the Japanese in various strategic projects in the Indonesian transportation sector," he stated.

Sasono said various efforts had been made to build connectivity and infrastructure, as Indonesia`s economic growth depended on it.

"At present, the Indonesian government is also striving to increase sea connectivity, considering Indonesia is an archipelagic country," he stated.

As one of the supporting projects in the sea transportation sector, the Surabaya Teluk Lamong Terminal became one of the destination references for the group of the deputy minister of transportation in Japan.

Djoko assessed that as a port with modern infrastructure, the Teluk Lamong Terminal gave the impression that Indonesia was able to contribute to efforts to boost the economy by serving international vessels of "panamax" and "post-panamax" sizes.

Operational and Engineering Director of PT Terminal Teluk Lamong Rumaji explained that development of the Teluk Lamong Terminal was in accordance with the interests of the international market, so that the infrastructure and equipment used at this port were of global standards.

"The modern loading and unloading equipment that we facilitate at the Teluk Lamong Terminal aims to support the Indonesian government to improve the economy," he added. (*)
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