President Receives Donor for First Aircraft Seulawah Purchase

id president jokowi, Nyak Sandang,purchase prime aircrafts, Seulawah R-001 and Seulawah R-002, following Indonesia's independence, antara jatim

President Receives Donor for First Aircraft Seulawah Purchase

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This is Pak (Mr) Jokowi dad
Jakarta, (Antara) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) received Nyak Sandang, a 91 years old donor from Aceh Province, who helped purchase prime aircrafts, Seulawah R-001 and Seulawah R-002, following Indonesia's independence.

The president received Nyak Sandang, who was accompanied by his two children namely Maturidi and Khaidar, in Merdeka Palace on Wednesday at 6:25 p.m. Western Indonesia Standard Time (WIB), according to Bey Machmudin, head of the presidential press bureau, in a statement received by Antara on Wednesday.

"This is Pak (Mr) Jokowi dad," said Maturidi who helped translate Nyak Sandang speaking in Acehnese language with the president.

Nyak Sandang, according to Maturidi, was very happy in meeting with the president. Nyak Sandang, the former "Keuchik" or village head of Lheut, in Jaya sub-district, West Aceh District along with his two children arrived in Jakarta on Tuesday (March 20).

Maturidi also said that Nyak Sandang was one of the Aceh people, who participated in donating his wealth to buy the first Indonesian aircraft.

Nyak Sandang who was then 23 years old, along with his parents
sold a plot of land and donated 10 grams of gold worth Rp100 (at the moment) and handed over to the state for the aircraft purchase.

As evidence of his contribution for the aircraft purchase, Nyak Sandang then showed evidence (Government bonds) in 1950 to the President.

In 1948 or not long after the independence of Indonesia in 1945, the first President Sukarno came to Aceh to raise funds for the purchase of the first aircraft.
President Sukarno then received donations from the people of Aceh as much as SGD 120 thousand and 20 kg of pure gold to buy two aircraft named Seulawah R-001 and Seulawah R-002. The two aircraft are the embryo of Garuda Indonesia Airlines.

In his meeting with Jokowi, Nyak Sandang among others made request to the President that he needed a cataract surgery.

"Well, I will help manage for the cataract, which is a light operation in the hospital," the president remarked.

Nyak Sandang then requested the president to build a mosque in his village in Lamno, Aceh. The President also replied that later he will send a team to check the condition (to build a mosque) there.

His third request was about performing the Haj pilgrimage this year, because he has been very old.

With regard to the haj pilgrimage, the President said that he would coordinate with the Minister of Religious Affairs.(*)
Reported by Agus Salim
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